Ping Pong with Puma Social at the Park. Featuring Lizzmonade, Built NY, DNAinfo, Baked By Melissa

This pop up at the park needs no introduction. Cut and dry like that ball whizzing past your head while you’re reading instead of making a stab at a return shot. Now that you’ve lost and have nothing to do but read, I’ll share the details:

Saturday February 11 from 1p-8p. Three ping-pong tables. Two for the Puma Social tournament that will allow you to play for a Puma bike and Built NY gear. One that’s open to recreational players who want to keep score but not get judged. On hand will be Lizzmonade making classic handcrafted lemonades with blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, watermelon and a host of other lovely fruits. DNAinfo, the local blog network spreading like a laughing squid, will be here too with free cupcakes by Baked By Melissa and a $500 Apple gift card.

If you missed tickets to the tourney, become an Openhouse member so you know earlier next time. For players, here are your check in times:

12:30 CHECK IN

Adriana Robbins

Ana Cooperwasser

Akhil Shenoy

Jerry Won

Kael Goodman

Stephanie Lew

Amit Gupta

Ellis Reyes

Bjorn Brandt

Graham Slick

Jeremy Schneider

Matthew LeBon

Rohan Namjoshi

Phillip Cho

Stephanie Taieb

Ilana Nahmias


12:50 CHECK IN


Mark Satine

Michael Waldron

Aziz Amin

Khamsouk Kham

Lisa Kwon

Rachel Brill

Shaan Tolani

Jessica Memoli

Liz Ehrlich

Karen Cheung

James Powers

Raphael Pungin

Sarah Sheffield

Helene Faussart

Nathan Kornfeld

Dustin Schneider




Jean-Claude Dhien

Sarah Sheffield

Scott Ankers

Scott Taylor Jr

Marc Lecureuil

Aurore Quercy

Brian Lawlor

Eric Lima

Jonathan Bobrow

John Pickett

Ryan Kailath

Chantilly Mers

Matt Connalon

Maeve Brady

Rocko Stojilikovic

Claire Wang




Tim Wassler

Tucker Shanley

Gay Schaye

Katherin Perino

Pat Duval

Greg Spielberg

Peter Kuhn

Andrew Jacobs

Trisha Duval

Melissa Kerr

James Nidd

Jess Robins

Adam Greenwald

Derrick Huang

Ben Smyth

Nicholas Gulati


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