Rwanda Genocide Memorial At Bowery


On June 29th, the installation “800,000 Acknowledge. Remember. Renew.”, which was created to remember the 1994 tribal genocide in Rwanda, will be at the Bowery Station. Open to all from 6:30pm-10:00pm, this interactive memorial is made of 800,000 pages in 2,500 books displayed in 100 crates: one page for each estimated death, one crate for reach day of war.


The conflict of race and ethnicity built between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi during colonization, ended in genocide after the Hutu President, Habyarimana and others were assassinated in a plane crash. This incited the Rwandan Military, the Hutu Power, and the village militia to begin eradicating all Tutsi and moderate Hutu resulting in over 10% of the Rwandan population being killed. Even today, Rwanda continues to struggle with poverty and personal loss. 


Those who come by can both learn about the genocide, as well as do something for the country. To help, viewers can print their hands in clay on a page and donate $5 to the Kayinamura Foundation, an organization helping to raise awareness on the Rwandan Genocide, for projects in Rwanda. Their goal is to have each life lost acknowledged, remembered, and then hope renewed, while raising over $4 million for Rwanda. 


This installation is on display at the UN Headquarters from June 16 – 27, 2014. The event at Bowery is being held as a closing reception to that exhibit with the help of Artist Talk and William Snyder III . You can join the event on Facebook HERE


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