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Openhouse has an iconic all-white 4,500 sq-ft space in Soho, award-winning creative team, professional media team, extensive press relations, veteran production and equipment partners and an engaged audience of more than 20,000. Leverage the full Openhouse skill set or select a few of our strengths to make your project more powerful.

We’ve partnered with The Kagency to provide access to over 80 venues throughout NYC. Our combined expertise will make sure that your event is stress free and perfectly executed.

In Manhattan, nothing’s more valuable than real estate; in the advertising and marketing world, nothing’s more influential than creating a great experience. Rent Openhouse Mulberry or Openhouse Broome to create a seamless press preview, lively product launch, elegant private event or fantastic public pop up. If our spaces don’t fit your needs, we’ll help you find one that does. Openhouse’s spaces are all white, equipped with multiple blazing-fast WiFi connections, plenty of prep space, a full kitchen, garden space, skylights and a ground-level retail facade.

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201 Mulberry St. is our flagship pop up and event space, but it’s also our playground. Come to us with a kernel of an idea or a full-blown concept and we’ll be your award-winning teammate in experiential strategy, promotion, press relations, production, execution, audience development and event management. In 2011, BizBash crowned Park Here, the #1 event concept with a budget under $50,000. In 2012, Time Out New York called Park Here the #1 thing to do in the city for three months straight. That was just us getting warmed up. Provide us with a budget and a goal and we’ll take you from there.

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A pop up without a crowd is no fun – no fun at all! Actually, it’s called a dinner party. Partner up with us or rent an Openhouse space and tap 25,000 Openhouse fans, our relationship with hundreds of journalists and extensive partnerships. We write compelling stories for the press, create social media campaigns with lively contests, take professional photos to spread around the Web and send out beautifully designed newsletters. Plus, we now have a video production in N9 Productions. Visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog to explore the action.

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Openhouse and our partners can accomodate any idea you have. Need production help, heavy furniture, elegant additions, staging, design consulting or a breakdown of food vendors? We’ll lay it all out for you, provide you with multiple options and see you through from concept to celebration. We spearheaded production for Forbes Travel Guide’s rebranding, Rolling Stone’s concert series, Austria Board of Tourism’s pop up, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne retail component and many more projects. Plus, we ran an indoor pop up for almost six months over the past two years.

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Experiential Marketing Specialists – NYC

If you’re looking to do your experiential marketing in Soho, Nolita, or if you’re thinking you’d like to do an event with experiential marketing at any venue or event space in New York City, Bowery Party Space, a New York event space, a Brooklyn Space, New York City event space, NYC Event Space KitchenNYC Private Event Space, then look no further than doing your experiential marketing event in New York City with Openhouse. Whether its experiential marketing, Marketing Mix, Direct Marketing, or Traditional promotion – Openhouse has been on the forefront of all these marketing campaigns in New York City and around the world for the last 8 years and has been bringing experiential marketing and event spaces and venues together in the city under the venue roof of Openhouse. 

How have we been on the forefront of experiential marketing? We’ve broken down the experiential aspects by creating massive immersive events and pop-ups like no other event company has. With our Indoor Park and our Nolita Bowl, we’ve created experiences that surpass any experiential event you’ve had before. Building out our event space into massive indoor forest with water and grass and park benches is just one example of the experiential marketing we’ve done. Another example of experiential marketing is our Nolita Bowl when we built out a full size half pipe and invited all the locals and tourists to come and skateboard in our space in our venue full of experiential marketing events. We’ve even built out a soccer stadium when asked to provide experiential marketing for Puma. We turned our venue into New York’s premiere event space to watch the World Cup. 

The other part of experiential marketing that we’ve broken down is the marketing aspect. We’ve done marketing for companies looking for venues and event spaces in New York, and companies around the world that are looking for event spaces and venues in New York City for their experiential marketing campaigns. Some examples of the marketing we’ve done in experiential marketing campaigns is our Big Cheesy. We worked with the media across New York and had a massive marketing campaign to ultimately sell out our event in just two weeks. Our venue was packed due to our marketing for our experiential marketing event, and the Openhouse name was marketing across all media platforms throughout New York City and various other media companies who cover experiential marketing events. 

In the end, if you have any experiential marketing needs, whether those experiential marketing needs are in New York City in our venues or event spaces or if your experiential marketing needs are somewhere else around the New York area, we’re your guys. We’re ready to help build the perfect event for you to get the most out of your experiential marketing, marketing mix, direct marketing or traditional promotion dollars. 

It’s not just about getting the most out of your experiential marketing, marketing mix, direct marketing or traditional promotion dollars though, it’s also about saving those experiential marketing, marketing mix, direct marketing or traditional promotion dollars. At openhouse we’re surpass anyone at saving you dollars and not just sticking to your budget, but lowering it. We like to raise your expectations of what experiential marketing can be, but also lower the price you have to pay for it. We use our extensive network of event specific vendors who work at venues across New York and throughout event spaces in the North East region to bring you the very best products for the very best price. We’re open and transparent and help to save you dollars so you can make the most of out your experiential marketing concept. We’re even ready to do the creative or build a concept for your experiential marketing campaign. 

Let us take care of all your experiential marketing, marketing mix, direct marketing or traditional promotion needs.

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