Shiseido will massage your hands for free! Wednesday May 9 from 10 am-8 pm

New York City wreaks havoc on those mitts. Always slinging purses and briefcases, clutching subway poles, pulling open heavy apartment-building doors, swiping credit cards, swiping credit cards, swiping credit cards, lugging laundry, walking the dog. And those golf claps at Carnegie Hall really irritate the soft palm of our hands.

Those days are over! May 9, Shiseido pops up at Openhouse Gallery (201 Mulberry St.) to give you free hand massages. That’s right: No walking into sketchy underground parlors or dropping $50 for 10 minutes of midtown massagery. The world’s oldest cosmetic brand is celebrating 140 years of cosmetics and skincare with its Wishes for The World pop-up gallery. Browse the interactive timeline dating all the way back to founder Arinobu Fukuhara, preview limited-edition products, shop online (fantastic deals abound) and, of course, get those mitts massaged.

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