Chatting with moms + nannies about the pop-up park at 201 Mulberry St.

I got curious, though, about what they thought of Park Here, so I came down from my office tree house to find out. Six-year-old Basil Yee loved building Fatboy forts and taking hide-and-seek turns with her friend, Lili Atwood. But, Basil says, the park could use some fires. Or at least brown-paper bags illuminated by candles.

Doris Cellar performs live outside Openhouse Gallery’s pop-up park

The coolest thing about Rolling Stone’s RS Fest at Openhouse Gallery’s Park Here is the intimacy of the venue and the chance to see extremely popular acts perform right in front of you, while you chill on the grass under a blossoming tree. Doris Cellar of Freelance Whales takes it a step further, literally, stepping outside the gallery and performing … Read More