Six amazing chefs will be going head to head for the ultimate culinary crown on Aug. 4th at 379 Broome. Who will be deemed the Best of the Wurst? What does it take to win? Most would say it’s all in the ingredients. Lets take a look at what each chef packs into their best sausage receipes.

Our first heavy weight contender is Chef Kurt Gutenbrenner from Blaue Gans. This isn’t Kurt’s first shot at a title he is a Michelen-starred chef and taste honcho for Standard Hotel Group’s Biergartens. Chef Kurt will be preparing a Kasekrainer for his best wurst along with white cabbage salad.

Pete Zaaz and Open Kitchen plan on chopping down their competition with their chorizo topped with salsa verde paired with a side of tomato, pickled watermelon and mussels.

Espositio’s prides their best wurst on tradition. The receipt comes from a lineage of good ol’ fashion Italian cheese and parsley. Their Wisconsin-based cheese source is secret, and the pork comes from Lucki7 Farms in upstate NY. Espositio’s is serving up a skewered tomato, mozzarella basil salad made with local Bocconcini, cherry tomato and basil with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Katz’s Deli plans on knocking out the competition with their juicy all-beef koblewurst with strong, spicy garlic flavor, served on rye bread with sauerkraut and spicy deli mustard. It’s one of the Katz’s costumers’ favorites.

Schaller & Weber bring a taste of Germany to the competition with their recipe. Imagine this, a Nurnberger sausage with sauerkraut, dusseldorf-style mustard and German potato salad.

Just when you thought this competition couldn’t get any hotterĀ Der Kommistar challenges that recipe with their Pakwurst. For Der Kommistar it’s all in the spices. Their best wurst will be paired with a spicy east-meets-west speciality with homemade sauerkraut,pickles, peppers and der kommisauce, their answer to currywurst/barbecue sauce.

Your stomach must be growling after that sneak peak, but save your appetite for this weekend. Be one of the lucky ones and witness greatness this Saturday Aug. 4th 379 Broome. Get your tickets hereĀ

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