The Bowery Station pops up next weekend


Born in Beirut

Unless you had the fortune or misfortune to grow up in Beirut, you might know that the real deal Lebanese meal in this town is found only in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In this Mecca of hookah Spots, baklava sellers and shawarma stands, we discovered a charming couple who have been serving up and catering ridiculous Lebanese home classics since 1997. On May 26 We are bringing Grapevine caterers to the Bowery.


Guaranteed : You will not taste a meal this authentic at any local Manhattan spots.


The Course

Chef Marie Aflak will prepare the following:

Hummos | Red Pepper Dip |Taboule

Kibbie Balls | Vegetable Grapeleaves

Stuffed Eggplant with Lamb and Pine Nuts

Assorted Baklawa

Purchase your tickets here.


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