The Future of Fashion Presentation, Thursday at 7:30pm, with Continuum Fashion and Printable Geography

The future of fashion is going to be beautifully customized. Not because Louis Vuitton and Dries van Noten are gonna get sharper (they will); it’s because you and me will be the designers, too. 3D printing brings the tailorshop to the desktop with apps that enable us to stitch, cut and style just like the professionals. How easy is it? Try Continuum Fashion’s D.dress – simply click your mouse over the model and watch as a little black dress starts to form before your eyes. Design avant garde haute couture in just a few minutes. Continuum is also making made-to-order order heels,  the first pret a porter 3D-printed bikini.

And how about home decor and accessories? The printing revolution means you can wear your personality on your sleeve, literally, or your cell phone case, earrings and mirrors. Printable Geography started itociety to the cause of incorporating geography into design. You can search for, say, the topography of your home town (Vail, Colorado, is it?) and order an iphone case that’s a perfect match.

Thursday, December 6 at 7:30 pm, Continuum’s Mary Huang and Connie Scheitz of Printable Geography present The Futures of Fashion at 3DEA. They’ll take you inside the world of 3D fashion and decor and map out how we’ll all help the world get a lot more stylish in the next few years. Tickets are only $14. 

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