Tr!ckster: Pixar’s Scott Morse and Ted Mathot build a funny pop-up space

At San Diego’s Comic-Con International Festival, there’s one more spot generating laughs. Scott Morse and Ted Mathot of Pixar are running a pop-up space featuring art, retail and events. That’s art, retail and events: The holy trinity of the pop-up world. Morse and Mathot’s Tr!ckster pop up runs from tomorrow through Tuesday July 24, so if you’re out in San Diego, stop by … or pop in.

Once you get to Tr!ckster, expect plenty of goods for sales and lots of promotion for comic creatives including the twisted minds behind Hellboy, Watchmen, Maijuanaman, Madman and others. “They’re a nonprofit, we’re for profit,” Morse told the Times. Indeed. Passes are $350 for the eight events and $35 per event at Tr!ckster. Read the whole story at The Sacramento Bee … written by Deborah Vankin of the LA Times.

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Greg Spielberg | July 18 2011

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