Venue Please: Showcasing Spaces With Heart

Openhouse was recently featured on Venue Please, a Colorado-based resource that helps you find historic, unique or personality-filled venues in one spot. Married lovebirds Libby Anderson and Paul Bryant launched the site earlier this year after struggling to find the perfect wedding venue.

“After I moved to Denver and got engaged, I was faced with finding a wedding venue that reflected the personalities of me and my fiancé,” said Libby. “But in an unfamiliar place without the proper resources it ended up being a huge chore and a big time suck.” With the couples’ background in event designing and architecture, keeping an eye out for beautiful or unique spots came naturally. Libby says they don’t list a venue unless it carries a certain mystique. A venue like the Steel Affairs Showroom in Arvada, which holds a collection of classic cars, can be an ideal location for car lovers to enjoy an event. While historic venues like the Ashcroft Ghost Town in Aspen or the top of the D&F Clock Tower in downtown Denver, offer great scenery and a unique sense of place and time.

At the moment, Venue Please is heavy with Colorado listings, but they’re expanding to the East Coast, especially New York City and Washington D.C. Then, onto the 50 states and beyond. If AirBNB, the tastefully designed and comprehensive home-listing site, is any indication, we’ll be seeing Venue Please everywhere soon. To see whether your venue has the “heart” Libby’s looking for, email her at!

Venue Please SteelAffairs Showroom Openhouse GallerySteel Affairs Showroom Automotive Gallery in Arvada, Colorado 


Venue Please Tabula Rasa DC Openhouse GalleryTabula Rasa in Washington D.C


Venue Please Dickens Opera House Openhouse GalleryDickens Opera House in Longmont, Colorado


Joy Burns Newman Center Openhouse GalleryJoy Burns Plaza at Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver, Colorado


Venue Please Fine Art Center Courtyard Openhouse GalleryCourtyard at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Visitor's Locker Room at Coors Field Openhouse GalleryVisitor’s Locker Room at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado

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